That First Post

Hey hey, so, I have been contemplating the creation of this blog for almost a year now and have FINALLY decided to give it a go. This year has been one for the books I must say. In a nut shell, I got married October 10, 2015, moved to Chicago in November 2015, completed radiation therapy school in December 2015, got a job in January of 2015, quit that job and got a new job in March 2015 where I am still currently employed.

Our life plans shifted here, to Chicago, when Cody was offered a job with his dream team, the Chicago Cubs. (Who are currently playing NLCS game 2 GO CUBS GO!) Cody moved here in March of 2015  to start the baseball season then I followed suit after school ended. Our fluffy fur-babies, Harry and Caray were adopted soon after I moved and have added incredible amounts of excitement to our lives.

This weekend my brother, Kevin, is in town to visit me and geek out over the Harry Potter marathon happening in IMAX (yes, we spent 9 hours at the theatre on Saturday and it was absolutely grand). Our plans for Sunday were to head back to the theatre to finish out the marathon but neither of our backs could handle those chairs for another 10+ hours, because let’s face it, we’re 21 and 24, WE’RE OLD. Not to fear though, Freeform is playing a marathon as well so hey, we win! I am in the process of knitting my first sweater, and have just started a pair of christmas socks (watch out fam, tacky Christmas gifts coming your way!).

As always, Monday has come far too soon but i look forward to a good week. There is a possibility for a small city adventure this week before Kevin heads back to Boston Wednesday so stay tuned for updates on that! Have a great week!


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