Why Tea For Two?

I can’t even begin to tell you how stressful choosing a name for this blog has been. I had all my topics outlined, ideas in mind, everything to start posting but absolutely NO name in mind. “Tea For Two” started as an minuscule idea when I scorched my tongue on a mug of blueberry green tea one morning on my way to work. As I was attempting to relieve the fire pit that was now my mouth, I was also trying to savor the taste because blueberry green is my absolute favorite, keep my eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and mind focused on getting to work on time.

My first thought following this incident was “wow all this over a simple cup of tea” but for me, in reality, tea wasn’t simple at all. This got me thinking back to the first time I ever tried a cup of tea. The plain, black, English Breakfast tea that I immediately spat into the sink after my first sip that is to blame for me wanting to write to Lipton Ice Tea company about crushing my hopes of hot tea being just as good as their lemony, sweet, refreshing iced tea. After boycotting tea for a few weeks, I still had a crazy inkling to try it again, just once more, in case I missed something special about it the first go-round. This time I tried green tea, with a little lemon juice, because my taste bust are fans of the sweeter things in life. This, I liked. I didn’t love it by any means, but could definitely drink it and play around with added fruity flavors. Then, it was back to the black tea for one more try. Adding a small amount of sugar and milk was recommended to me at first to take away from the bitterness of the tea itself which worked! Yay, I like tea now!

“Life is like a cup of tea” came to me after thinking about the emotional roller coaster that attempting to enjoy cup of tea set me on. When the “adulting” world was finally forced at me, I literally want to just spit it back out like that cup of tea. Life, like tea, takes time to steep and set in, time to acquire a taste for it, patience to figure out modifications that suit you, and realization that there are many different “flavors” or aspects to take part in.

I am a huge fan of tea now, but I am still trying to figure out this thing called adulting. Slowly but surely each sprinkle of sugar & every drop of lemon is making this life sweeter and I look forward to seeing how it will strengthen.

This “Tea For Two” business, now THAT is what the majority of this will all be about. My husband and I, being the two cups of tea, and the adventures that we are embarking on together in this interesting thing called life.


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