10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Short But Sweet Fall Season

Ok so, yes I know fall is technically just as long as the other three seasons, but I’m talking about those 3-4 weeks out of the 3 month fall season that are not the sweltering end of summer or the frigid beginning of winter. That beautiful 60-70 degree weather, the changing leaves, the need for boots and light jackets, the comfortable bonfire nights, this is the fall season I’m talking about.

This particular season is so short but, in my opinion, the absolute best.  I think it is so important to take full advantage of these activities, if not just for the love of the scenery, then for a short stress reliever. Take a step back and enjoy all this wonderful season has to offer.

  1. Go for multiple walks.
    • Walking itself has great health benefits but add some stunning fall foliage into the mix and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a totally different world.
    • Change up the trails/paths every time to experience the different colors and atmospheres.
  2. Get to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard.
    • So yeah, this is of course a stereotypical fall activity but it really is a lot of fun. Walking through the different farms, smelling the fresh apple trees and/or delectable baked goods they might have available, this is what i think of most when I picture the fall season.
  3. Open ALL the windows!
    • I love the feeling in my home during this season. The fresh air floating throughout is extremely refreshing. Maybe it’s because I love the outdoors so much or maybe it’s because I am stuck inside at work all day every day but either way it is my most favorite feeling when I am at home and can still enjoy cool, crisp, fresh air.
  4. Drink Apple Cider
    • Warm apple cider, just the thought warms my soul. Enjoy all the appley goodness while cozying up in the chilly weather.
  5. Break out the crock pot.
    • I LOVE CROCK POT SEASON. Beef stew, a roast, beef tips and gravy, soup, you name it and it’s in my crock pot probably twice a week throughout the entire fall and most of winter seasons. Utilize this wonderful, slow cooking, beauty as much as you can. What’s better than throwing a bunch of stuff in a pot in the morning and coming home from work to not only a hot and ready meal, but also the warm and inviting aromas of a toasty stew. Nothing I tell you, nothing is better than that.
  6. Pumpkin Spice everything.
    • Yes, another fad but also, something wonderful. Autumn’s natural fruit that we mash-up, carve, color on, bake, and devour in so many wonderful ways. Indulge in the pumpkin spicy goodness but don’t over-do it to the point where it is not enjoyable anymore.
  7. Take lots of pictures.
    • This season is gorgeous, and has the most picturesque scenery. Get your camera ready and capture some memories.
  8. Carve and/or decorate a pumpkin
    • Whether you are a Halloween fan or not, carved and decorated pumpkins are such fun decorations and quite the interesting activity.
  9. Decorate in warm bright colors.
    • The outdoors get natural decoration but inside, well, that should be warm and cozy too! Keep in the season changing spirit by decorating in fun, warm, bright colors and objects. Pumpkins and scarecrows and leaves OH MY!
  10. Time for the start of the holiday movie binges!
    • From Charlie Brown to Hocus Pocus, watch every fall related movie you can find to get in the cool season spirit!


Let me know what you think of these and if you have anything to add! I’ll be sharing my fall adventures soon!


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