CUB’S WIN! CUB’S WIN! CUB’S WIN! THEY’RE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES! THAT is all I can hear right now and it is like sweet music to my ears! Now, I grew up a Red Sox fan living in Massachusetts for the first 18 years of my life but the Cubbies have held a special place in my heart since I met Cody. He grew up a hard core Chicago Cubs fan along with his father, both whom never gave up on their “Pinstripe Boys”. Now, Cody is living the dream, working for his dream team and experiencing the greatest excitement of his life at Wrigley Field.

Today is the day dreams came true for so many. Players, fans, the entire city of Chicago in fact, has experienced history being made. It has been 71 years since the Chicago Cubs have made it to the World series and 108 years since they have won the World series. I firmly believe that this is their year but I won’t say much more than that because, well, superstitions are REAL!

I can’t wait to see where this journey goes with this great team. As I sit here writing this, waiting for Cody to get home from work (he cant leave until everyone leaves the stadium so I’ll be sitting here for a while) I have butterflies in my stomach for this team and it’s fans. The loyalty of these fans can’t be compared to any other sports team fan group out there.

Keep an eye out for a special insider post from Cody coming later about what it was like to be on the field and in the middle of all this excitement!



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