Our Fur Babies

Meet Harry and Caray, our perfect, entertaining, energetic, snuggly and crazy fur babies. We adopted these two perfect additions to our little family in December of 2105 and they have added nothing but joy to our lives this year. Harry is our energetic, LOUD, talkative, snuggly and dramatic little boy. Caray is a perfect lady(she tries to pretend she is). She is our calm, quiet, super cuddly, happy all the time little girl. Don’t let her cuteness fool you though because she’s totally the boss of the household! She takes no sass from her big (in size, not age, they’re twins!) brother and she makes him very aware of that daily. Their daily routine start at about 5AM when I wake up for work. They follow me around cross-crossing through my feet as I stumble down the hallway and yell at me until feeding time at 6AM right before I leave the house. After their breakfast they get an immediate surge of energy and bounce around the house for about an hour. This seems to tire them out until about 1PM Cody tells me, (when he’s home for the day he gets to play kitten-sitter)then they walk around a little, play a bit then fall back asleep until 5:00 when I get home and it is again, feeding time. After dinner they run like maniacs from one end of the house to the other for about 30 minutes then pass out wherever they drop. The rest of the night is a mixture of waking up, playing for 5 minutes and trying out various nap spots before they find comfort on top of my chest and abdomen locking me into position for the remainder of my evening. I love the snuggles more than anything else but wow, two almost full grown cats kind of feel like an elephant on my lungs!

These little fuzzy friends add so much excitement to our lives and we are so blessed to have found such perfect additions to our family.



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