Weekend Recap

Where do I begin? Friday, ok, after work I came home ate a nice dinner with the hubby, watched some TV and worked on my knitting. I know, exciting right?! Saturday rolled around and I woke up started some laundry and cleaned up a little bit. At this point my nerves were already rolling in anticipation for the night’s Cub’s vs. Dodger’s game, then Cody woke up and turned Sports center on which was filled with non-stop talk about the game. As he drove himself crazy waiting and watching, I continued keeping myself busy with some reading and tidying up. Later in the afternoon I went to get some coffee and take a stroll along the beachfront with my friend and her daughter. It was probably the most gorgeous fall day yet. About 65 degrees, sunny and just a small breeze, I didn’t want to go back inside! I finally made my way back indoors around 5 where I made something to eat and picked my knitting back up. THEN came 7:00 game time, and out came the bottle of wine. I had a glass while half knitting, half shaking, through the first 2 innings. The game was picking up in excitement. We were already up 3-0 as the 3rd inning began and I was feeling great! My nerves calmed a little and I enjoyed the next few innings while leisurely knitting my way through my pillowcase. Then came the 7th inning stretch and I thought “ok, here we go, we’re coming to a close guys, you’ve got this!” The score was now 5-0 and I was completely confident we wouldn’t blow it. The boys were on FIRE tonight! I finished the game off with another glass of wine and celebrated quite loudly as the top of the 9th came to a close! WE WON THE CUBS ARE HEADED TO THE WORLD SERIES! For the first time in 71 years. Wow. I couldn’t believe it. Cody got home from work in tears and complete disbelief. He and his father had been waiting their whole lives for this, it’s finally happening, and he gets to be there to experience it! How cool. Saturday came and went and Sunday was full of happiness and excitement looking forward. We finished the day out by tackling the rest of the weekend chores to get ready for my Mom who is coming in Tuesday and possibly Cody’s sister and cousin Friday! It was such a great weekend and as I laid in bed Sunday evening and set my alarm for yet another early Monday morning, I couldn’t help but smile And look forward to this incredibly exciting week.


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