My all time favorite Cub’s player, Kyle Schwarber is BACK for the World Series and I am so freaking excited! He has been such an asset to this team since the day he made his Major League debut on July 16th, 2015.  Kyle finished the 2015 regular season having played 69 games, recording a .246 batting average with 16 home runs, 52 runs scored, and 43 RBIs. What an impressive rookie year, or, half-year! In his eighth career postseason game, a 5-2 loss to the New York Met’s in game 3 of the 2015 National League Championship Series , Schwarber set a Cubs record with his fifth career postseason home run and also the record for the most home runs in a single postseason by a player age 22 or younger, passing Miguel Cabrera. My goodness this guy blows my mind, I only wish we could have seen him work his magic throughout the 2016 regular season. But, hey, I’ll take the phenomenal post season over the regular season any day.

Small fun fact, my husband just so happens to be Schwarber’s almost identical twin! schwarb

Not kidding, that’s Cody, my husband on the left and Schwarber on the right… Another fun fact, last year, we colored Cody’s beard darker brown to bring the twinning up a notch for one of the home games!

This World Series is off to such an exciting start, not only because Scwharber is back (though that IS a big part of it) but because the Cub’s are actually a part of the World Series! After a 71 year dry spell they have come back with such fire, it’s incredible, I am in complete awe. This team is so special and they deserve this so much. Being such a young team, I foresee each player having a strong career moving forward.

What are your thoughts on the Series? Who are your favorite players? Why? I’d love to know!


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