National Cat Day, World Series & Halloweekend

What an exciting weekend! A whole day to celebrate just our favorite furry little friends, who am I kidding, that’s every day, the World Series at Wrigley Field, and an excuse to eat as much candy as you want all weekend long!

These fun little pumpkins are my most favorite decorations at the moment, because who doesn’t love this wild combination of activities! When Harry & Caray decide to wake up at some point today I have new catnip filled pumpkin toys for them. I haven’t really decided if this is more of a treat for them or me though because it is extremely entertaining watching them go crazy over catnip!

Although the great Cubbies didn’t bring home the W last night, I have faith that they can bring it home tonight! These are two phenomenal teams playing in this series and we are witnessing not only really great games, but also history being made.

As I look forward to the adventures of this weekend, I already see Monday popping it’s head around the corner much too fast. I’m going to do my best not to think about that though! I hope you all enjoy your weekend, celebrate your feline friends, watch some good baseball and EAT LOTS OF CANDY!


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