The Daily Struggle

I wake up at about 5:15 every day, that is when I don’t hit snooze 100 times in a row, fumble around the house getting ready, make coffee, attempt to not trample the cats who swerve in and out of my legs all morning and eventually get out to the car to be on my way to work. My work day is a full 8.5 hours, 7:30-4, of pure crazy. I love my job, but man it does me in. Β After fighting rush hour traffic, I finally reach home and it’s time to decide how my night is going to play out.

Usually exhausted, I struggle to choose between cooking dinner or grabbing takeout, though if Cody happened to be home that afternoon he will usually have dinner ready when I get home. Next on the list is figuring out if any of my shows are on that night and if not, what can I watch for some nightly entertainment. Now, as I can’t sit still very well, my next decision is do I work on my knitting or do I work on the blog or do I attempt to do a little of both! On an incredibly stressful day though, I usually opt for none of the above and pick up a good book for the evening.

I am the type of person who constantly wishes I had about 50 hands because I always want to do so much at one time. I am super indecisive when it comes to making any kind of decision so that only makes having just 2 hands so much worse! Sure, these aren’t really struggles per-say but they sure do make for an extreme case of discomfort when I can’tΒ decide what’s most important to me on a particular night.

All of these activities must also coincide with my strict 9:00 bedtime. If I want my brain to function even close to properly the following day I need my eyes closing and brain resting by 9:00 (I am already aware I am a grandma ok?!). As I lay in bed, snuggling my fur-babies, I realize that I have a lot to be grateful for if these are my only daily struggles.

What are some of your favorite daily activities? Do you have to sacrifice one activity for another? Are you a planner or a last-minute decision maker? Can’t wait to hear from you!



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