FURiendly Conversation

My absolute favorite daily conversations just so happen to be with my cats. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is fascinating and I have great conversations with my coworkers, family and friends, but there is just something about sitting down or even walking around the house in full conversation with a furry little friend or two.

Harry and Caray are the greatest listeners and Harry ALWAYS has something to say back. We talk about things like work and what we all did that day and simple day-to-day gossip. I like to imagine that they are up to all sorts of important quests throughout the day, even though I’m about 95% sure they slept all day long. They listen to my rants, they join in my excitement, they cuddle with me when I just need a break, they are the ultimate (almost) silent companion.

Pets in general have been a proven source of therapy and guidance both mentally and physically. For me, they act as a sort of conscience. They talk me through problems, help me in self-encouragement and act as another person whom I may be wanting to confront with an important question or problem. No matter what our conversations may be, they lay, sit, walk, happily by me daily and I cherish their silent knowledge.


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