Fall Decor In The Humble Chi Abode

Fall is my most favorite of all seasons, as I have mentioned before, and decorating in the bright rich colors adds so much life and character to our humble little abode. Pumpkins and leaves and acorns OH MY! Now, while I’m not professional decorator, or photographer, both are a hobby I am very fond of and hope to learn more about! (all Β comments and tips welcome!) Here is a small tour of the simple fall decor that made our home a little warmer through this chilly, windy Chi-town fall season.

My dad made these awesome radiator covers for the apartment we were in prior to the one we are in now, and they just so happen to make the PERFECT behind-the-couch decorative tables!


I love my little kitchen windowsill that overlooks Lake Michigan!


A plain white oven is perfect for all decor options!


I say, when you have an empty corner, fill it with color, even in the simplest of ways!


Our little two person dining room table is my favorite thing to decorate! I love how simple decorations can make it feel so romantic and cheerful.



Let me know what you think! If you have any tips and/or comments please, feel free to share! Β Happy Fall Y’all!


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