Dabbling in Ornament Making

In December I met up with My friend Marette from Floradise, a travel and lifestyle blog, for my first Dabble class! (check out her awesome post about the calss here!)We chose a custom Christmas ornament making class which  was so much fun! Our host Katie Netti had a variety of ornament sizes and a plethora of greenery, decor, and trinkets to personalize our ornament.

When we arrived, and shook off all the snow that had accumulated on our heads in the short walk from the car, we were instantly greeted by welcoming faces and warm mugs of tea! While introductions were being made, we picked through multitudes of decorations to put inside our ornaments which, by the way, is incredibly difficult for someone as indecisive as your truly. Eventually a few ideas popped into my head and I was able to come out with some simple and cute decorations.

We started with a tutorial of techniques and tool usage and begun to set up our ornament. As we sat, sipped tea, bonded and laughed, the creativity started flowing through the room.


Ideas began coming quickly but progress, well, that came to a halt when I realized just how small the hole was that I would have to squeeze the trinkets through to place them in the ornament. With some quick tips of “squeeze through technique” from our lovely host, I was able to really get my ornament going.

After some super glue mishaps and multiple head scratching sessions, my ornament was piecing together! I used some mustard/rust colored moss, some greenery to mimic a tree, a few miniature pine cones and red berries for a small nature scene in my first ornament.

My second ornament was smaller so I decided for a more simple and fun design. Cubs Christmas was my theme this go-round! I started with some white and red glittery foliage as the centerpiece of the ornament and topped it off with some cubby-blue beads to fill the floor of the ornament.

So, it looks a little bit like a miniature fish bowl but hey, i still think its still nice and festive!

Overall, I had an absolutely exhilarating experience and I cannot wait to try another class! I love arts and crafts and, to be able to spend time with and create with other people, it makes the project much more special.

Let me know what you think! Have you tried any Dabble classes? Would you be interested in Dabble classes? What projects are you currently working on?

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