T’was the holiday season and all through the house Rachael did NOTHING. That’s it. I have taken my laziness to a whole new level and I think I am OK with it. This is the first holiday season where I haven’t been stressing about school and finals and/or simultaneously moving to a new place so, I took full advantage.

Thanksgiving came and went. I worked, my wonderful in-laws came in town, I enjoyed time with family and gained 3 pounds! It was great! Then, I worked my little buns off some more, Cody and I bought our first new car, (WOO!) and we prepared to pack up and head to Massachusetts to hang with my awesome family for Christmas! We flew, we visited, we laughed, gained 3 more pounds, then, before we knew it, we were headed back to Chicago.

This precious season comes once a year and I just couldn’t do anything but indulge in my family, so I sacrificed the blog and home projects so I could enjoy the company of the people I love for every single second.

Honestly, I think i needed the break. My everyday routine had become so monotonous that I was starting to lose sight of things. I was in a constant rut when it came to writing, I wanted nothing but to come home lay in bed and watch a movie and my knitting needles, well, they weren’t doing anything fresh and exciting. I had books lying around, unopened, just purchased that were dying to be read but I had no motivation to pick one up whatsoever.

Throughout this break, rekindling with family and friends meant SO much to Cody and I. It sparked, in me, creativity and imagination and, in Cody, motivation. For 2017 we vowed to live outside the rut or, never let the rut begin for that matter! Yes, our work schedules will remain the same but, our free time will be utilized differently. It is an actual challenge, especially in winter, to not come home and just snuggle up so, we are trying to go out more and we are designating game nights and other things to keep us together and semi-spontaneous if you will.

So, here’s to 2017 and all the possibilities it withholds!


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