This week, I decided to start taking my knitting to another level by creating and, eventually, publishing original patterns. I have had a bunch of patterns and inspirational designs drawn out in my “idea notebook” for a few months now and I am so excited to finally start taking them from the paper to my needles.

The first pattern I decided to work with is a fair isle hat. It may sound crazy but, my first two patterns (second pattern to be revealed next so stay tuned!) have been created with inspiration from baseball! The season starts officially in 1 month, with pitchers and catchers reporting, and I wanted to create something for the few months of baseball that will most definitely NOT be warm and sunny.

This pattern features diamonds and lines which remind me of the baseball diamond itself, the bases and the base lines. I chose this cranberry and cream mixture because it’s by far one of my favorite color combinations.

I am hoping to have the full pattern available  on both Etsy and Ravelry soon! But, for now, the tools I used in this pattern were:

What projects are you working on? Have you started anything new and exciting lately? Id love to hear from you! Have a happy Sunday fun-day!


3 thoughts on “On The Needles (AN ORIGINAL HAT PATTERN!)

  1. handmade habit says:

    I echo Paperpuff above – it’s so incredible to make the leap into pattern design. As with your Cubbies hat, I love that this is baseball inspired (after the World Series win in Chicago, there’s reason to celebrate!). Beautiful colourwork and such a yummy combination – I look forward to finding this on Ravelry. 🙂

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