Planning a Family trip to Emerald Isle, North Carolina

It all started a few months ago, when our mothers decided, that since it is so rare for us to get time off to visit both families separately, we should plan a combined family vacation. Between me trying to find enough time off for an actual vacation, Cody trying to find at least a week break in the baseball schedule so he wouldn’t have to worry about work, and Cody’s sister starting a brand new job so close to the summer, this proved to be an ALMOST impossible task. Our family, being the absolutely incredible people they are, were able to work around our crazy schedules and find the perfect amount of time off for a vacation so, the perfect week in June was marked on our calendars as VACATION!

Next came the task of deciding where to go. As it would be a summer trip, we were all intrigued by the idea of a great beach vacation. Cody’s family lives in Louisiana, my family lives in Massachusetts and Cody and I currently live in Chicago, IL. This was our next great feat. Find a vacation spot that would be fair for all travel-wise and, voila, North Carolina fell into play.

After some thorough researching, some intake of what everyone was interested in seeing and doing on this vacation (mostly just hanging on a beach) and establishing a fair price range, the search for a place to stay began. The “Outer Banks” of North Carolina seemed to be a family favorite as it sits on the coast of North Carolina therefore, I did a quick map check of the driving distance for each family. We found that the southern outer banks would be about a 14 hour drive for each family and decided it was most fair to each drive an equal distance.


Time to search for some beach houses. I used the website Home Away to look for some reasonably priced beach front properties in the southern outer banks and was stunned by all the great results I got. Searching for a house that sleeps 8 adults and 1 child, beach front, and within a certain radius I expected my results to be limited.

After narrowing down our search to 3 options, we chose a great beach home in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. This 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom sea-side abode that sleeps 10 comfortably was the perfect choice for, what it seems will be, an AMAZING beach getaway.

Not only is the house beach-front, but it is also near many intriguing in-town activities. From Emerald Isle’s town website we found that, near by, we would be able to go kite surfing, fishing, boating, golfing, go-carting, and much much more if we start to get a little restless on the beach (doubtful in my case 😉 ).

Finally, our vacation was decided and booked. Next up PACKING for a week in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Check out our packing essentials for NC here!

Where are your favorite beach get-aways? Have you ever been on a large family vacation?



*This is not a sponsored post. I will NOT be compensated for any purchases made through these links.


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