Vacationing in Emerald Isle, North Carolina

In late June Cody and I enjoyed a much needed family beach trip in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. After lots of planning, it was finally time to clock out, both physically and mentally, from work and run toward the waves.


The commute to and from the Island was about 15 hours each way so we knew we would be splitting the drive into two days. Wednesday evening we drove about 5 hours, stayed overnight in Dayton, Ohio then resumed our drive at 6 A.M. Thursday morning. At around 5 P.M. we reached Emerald Isle and joined our families in a relaxing dinner and night of catching up on the front porch.

The house we stayed in was magnificent. A friend at work referred me to “Home Away”, a home rental website, to look for a unique place to stay on the island and it did not disappoint. This 4 bedroom 3 bath home with lower level and top level wrap around porches was the PERFECT place to be for a week at the beach with 9 people.

Our week consisted mainly of the beach, which was exactly what I had hoped for. After day one of playing in the waves and sitting in the sun, yours truly was already a nice shade of lobster red. Note to self: when you haven’t been to the ocean in over two years, SPF 100 is a MUST. This island, being mainly residential, has the most beautiful and quiet Atlantic beaches. The waves were a moderate size and the water was a warm 75-80 degrees, so it made for some fun body surfing and wave jumping opportunities.


Day two was a bit cloudy and almost everyone was pretty pink or red, so we decided it would be a good day to take an early walk on the beach, where we accrued some superb crab hunting skills, then head into town for some mini golf. Our family sure knows how to show out in competitive sports. There was a constant up-keep of scores and friendly banter and in the end, we celebrated the fact that each of us had gotten at least one hole-in-one! Emerald Isle is full of fun activities and, had we been able to stay a few more days, we would have taken full advantage of the various water sport rentals and nature preserve activities the Island had to offer.




Day three, the boys decided to go play a round of “big kid golf” while the ladies and our nephew, Colt, headed back to the beach for a few hours. We ate dinner at a great little grill on the Island that evening then returned to the house for a friendly card game of “Phase 10”.

The remainder of our time in Emerald Isle consisted of relaxing at the beach, eating more great food, catching up, and playing lots of games. (I even squeezed in a little time to work on my sweater!)

The entire family agreed that Emerald Isle will most likely be seeing us again in the future. As one of the less touristy parts of North Carolina, it was the perfect family getaway spot for a quiet yet exciting summer trip.

Where are your favorite summer getaway spots? Have you ever been to Emerald Isle?

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