The College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska

A few weeks ago Cody’s friend mentioned the possibility of grabbing some College World Series tickets for a very irresistible price and asked if we would be interested in joining him and his wife in Omaha for the weekend. After a very quick answer of “absolutely”, we decided upon our road trip and planned to leave that upcoming Friday afternoon.


We chose to split the almost 7 hour drive into two days to save us from incredible sleepiness all day Saturday. Friday night, we drove about 3.5 hours and stayed overnight in Iowa City, Iowa. The next morning, with only about 3 hours left of our drive, we nabbed our coffee and breakfast and headed on our way. This drive set the record for the longest running corn field and open farm land I have ever seen in my life. While it was a nice change to see some open land after seeing nothing but skyscrapers and pavement steadily for the last 2 years, I wish there would have been some rolling hills or a lake or two. Nonetheless, with some coffee, knitting and my favorite road trip companion, it was a very easy drive.


At around 11:00 Saturday morning we arrived in Omaha for a fun, baseball-filled day with friends. We stayed at the Doubletree By Hilton in Omaha so naturally, our first stop was the front desk to nab some free cookies. PSA, if you’ve never stayed at a Doubletree by Hilton, do it, the cookies are life-changing and the rooms are great too.

Bellies full of cookies and a quick refresh in the hotel room, we were ready to head out to the park. Two games were played on Saturday. At 2:00 P.M. CSU Fullerton played Oregon State and at 7:00 P.M. LSU played Florida State. Our ticket package included 10 general admission game tickets for $90, which we split between the group, meaning the four of us went to both games that day for under $20 each! As we were mostly interested in the LSU game, we ventured into the first game mainly for a good “ballpark-food” lunch and a chance to watch a bit of a great game. Around the 4th inning we decided to leave the game and get in line for the LSU game. The time being only 3:00 P.M., we knew we still had almost 3 hours until the gates would open for the start of the next game. We propped ourselves against the semi-shaded wall in line and began our wait. The time seemed to pass fairly quick thanks to all the excitement and great opportunities for people-watching.


Finally, it was game time. We chose the perfect time to get in line for this game as the general admission seats filled up very fast. A comfortable five or so rows back from the wall in the outfield, we sat, in the rain for a few hours, and enjoyed the great game. Highlight for me, this magnificent, chocolate covered strawberry and brownie wonder they were selling in the park (see below). LSU won, 7-4, in nail-biting, comeback victory style.

Sunday, following an amazing brunch at First Watch Cafe in Omaha, we parted ways with our friends and headed back home. Cody and I love a good adventure and have been sorely lacking in our spontaneity lately, so this quick trip was the perfect in-the-moment experience we have had in a while.

Have you been on any exciting, spontaneous adventures lately? What are some of your favorite “quick trip” spots to visit?

The College World Series

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