The Best Sunday Farmers Market in Chicago, IL

The greatest little market sits just a block over from our apartment every Sunday between July and October. If you’re ever in the Chicagoland area between these months, pop on up to the Rogers Park neighborhood, Glenwood Sunday Market, right off the Red Line Morse stop. This weekend, I decided to go and grab some fresh fruit and veggies and explore the local markets. I wish I could have bought the entire stock of each vendor, but I didn’t bring a big enough bag. I guess this just means I’ll get to go back each week to try more great things! Here’s what I bought this week.

The first table that caught my eye had an abundance of plump, fresh fruit and glistening vegetables. Lyon’s Fruit Farm, from South Haven, Michigan did not disappoint. My haul included a bushel of ripe, juicy peaches and crisp Michigan green beans. Fresh peach cobbler has been on both Cody and my minds lately and these beauties will be perfect for just that. The beans, probably steamed or sautéed with some potatoes and squash, will be added to a steak dinner this week.

Next stop, the land of indulgence with Mickii’s Desserts. How can I pass up a fresh bakery pop-up? Mickii had a scrumptious display of cookies and brownies of all flavors on display that reached straight into my soul. I dove for the last chocolate chip and grabbed some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies to come along for the ride too. P.S. I purchased 4 cookies total, only 3 made it home.

Last, a bright, friendly table full of berries pulled me in. Hardin’s Family Farm in Eau Claire, Michigan. I was greeted by a seller, that was just as sweet as the fruit they were selling, who helped my pick out half a pint of red, ripe, raspberries and some of the most gorgeous blueberries I have ever seen.


After forcing myself away from the rest of the booths, I raced home to dig into my goodies. A cookie and a handful of blueberries disappeared on my walk home, but the rest will be put to good use, rather quickly I’m sure, throughout the week.

What are your favorite items to pick up at farmers markets? Do you have any local markets you swoon over? Lets chat!

Sunday Farmers Market

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