The Bombo Bar Chicago, IL

It’s summertime at the moment and if you’re anything like me, you’re craving smoothies, ice cream and pretty much anything icy cold and sugary.

The Bombo Bar is widely known for their incredibly appealing shakes, delicious doughnuts and fabulous gelato. Sitting next to Bar Siena, on the corner of W. Randolph and N. Green Street in Chicago’s West Loop area, The Bombo Bar is easily spotted by the surrounding crowd of people and the iconic striped awning.

As you step up to the window of the chic’ roadside restaurant, you are greeted by friendly faces and the delicious smell of sweets wafting through the air.

After scoping out what everyone around me was eating and drinking, I decided to go for this delicious looking, green, pink and sprinkled cup of beauty. The “Matcha Made in Heaven”, named so accurately, was out of this world. A sweet matcha shake with whipped cream, dressed with sprinkles and a homemade donut was just what I needed for hot midday pick-me-up.

I food “fan-girled” for a few minutes after it was handed to me and naturally took a million pictures to capture it’s greatness.

Everything I witnessed sailing through that window was a work of art. I simply can not wait to get back over there to chew through their entire menu.ย View their full menu here.

What are your favorite summer treats? Have you tried any mind blowing dessert shops lately?

The Bombo Bar

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