The Doughnut Vault Chicago, IL

Where in Chicago, IL can you be blown away by incredible doughnuts and an adorable atmosphere? The Doughnut Vault on the corner of N. Franklin and Kinzie Street, that’s where.

On this quaint side street in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, the Doughnut Vault is easily spotted. Not only does it stand out because of their gorgeous blue accents, but also the incredibly long line of people you will see lining the sidewalk between 9-10A.M.

I was fortunate enough to have arrived right on time to snatch up a couple of goodies. The only doughnuts left when I showed up were a few of their original Buttermilk Old Fashioned, about a half dozen Vanilla Glazed, and ONE delectable looking White Chocolate Brownie Old Fashioned which was their specialty doughnut for the day.

As difficult as it was for me to only choose only one, I decided to go for the delicious looking White Chocolate Brownie Old Fashioned doughnut and an iced coffee. I was immediately blown away. This doughnut was just as, if not more, scrumptious as it looked. The iced coffee was great too.

When I finished up with my treats, I stepped back inside the shop to chat with the doughnut extraordinaire who was working that day and to get a glimpse of everything else The Doughnut Vault had to offer. For such a small spot, they had an immense amount of product to offer.

On a daily basis, The Doughnut Vault offers their buttermilk old fashioned cake doughnut, gingerbread stack, glazed vanilla or chocolate iced doughnuts, and one specialty doughnut. If you’re planning to visit, and want to check out the specialty doughnut they might have on a particular day, you can check out their daily doughnut layout for the week here!

So, when you’re in the windy city and your sweet tooth starts tickling or you’re looking for a morning treat, head on over to the Doughnut Vault. It will not disappoint, unless you arrive and all the doughnuts have been eaten! Bear in mind, the shop’s “hours” are from 8-3 Monday-Friday and 9:30-3 Saturday & Sunday, but they close as soon as they are sold out of doughnuts for the day. From what I’ve heard, they are sold out by about 12:00 on the weekends, so hurry in early!

Where are your favorite treat shops? What are your favorite flavors of doughnuts? I’d love to hear from you!


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