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5 Must Try Doughnut Shops in Chicago, IL


Chicago is filled with amazing cafes, small shops and restaurants, but sometimes all you really need is something to satisfy a sweet tooth. With flavors ranging from “normal” to “wait, WHAT is on that doughnut?”, you will not be disappointed by any of these shops.

Firecake’s Donuts

I’m not sure that I’ve ever run into a more accurately named restaurant. Firecakes donuts is just that, little cakes that are FIRE A.K.A AMAZING.


A unique, little donut shop on E. Hubbard Street in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, Firecakes is a shop you do not want to pass up. With an enormous selection of donuts, you are guaranteed to find something you will not easily forget.

While I love a simple glazed or chocolate iced donut, I felt compelled to try something more exuberant. The Maple Glazed Pineapple and Bacon donut was the donut for me that day. The light and airy dough combined with the smooth maple icing, bacon sprinkles and pineapple slices, was completely out of this world. These three flavors, rarely seen together until recently, complimented each other perfectly.


It is so apparent that Firecakes knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to creating and making donuts and their original flavors. (See their entire delicious menu here)

I can’t wait to go back and devour more of their delectable treats.

The Doughnut Vault

Where in Chicago, IL can you be blown away by incredible doughnuts and an adorable atmosphere? The Doughnut Vault on the corner of N. Franklin and Kinzie Street, that’s where.


On this quaint side street in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, the Doughnut Vault is easily spotted. Not only does it stand out because of their gorgeous blue accents, but also the incredibly long line of people you will see lining the sidewalk between 9-10A.M.


I was fortunate enough to have arrived right on time to snatch up a couple of goodies. The only doughnuts left when I showed up were a few of their original Buttermilk Old Fashioned, about a half dozen Vanilla Glazed, and ONE delectable looking White Chocolate Brownie Old Fashioned which was their specialty doughnut for the day.

As difficult as it was for me to only choose only one, I decided to go for the delicious looking White Chocolate Brownie Old Fashioned doughnut and an iced coffee. I was immediately blown away. This doughnut was just as, if not more, scrumptious as it looked. The iced coffee was great too.

If you’re planning to visit, and want to check out the specialty doughnut they might have on a particular day, you can check out their daily doughnut layout for the week here!

The Bombo Bar

The Bombo Bar is widely known for their incredibly appealing shakes, delicious doughnuts and fabulous gelato. Sitting next to Bar Siena, on the corner of W. Randolph and N. Green Street in Chicago’s West Loop area, The Bombo Bar is easily spotted by the surrounding crowd of people and the iconic striped awning.


After scoping out what everyone around me was eating and drinking, I decided to go for this delicious looking, green, pink and sprinkled cup of beauty. The “Matcha Made in Heaven”, named so accurately, was out of this world. A sweet matcha shake with whipped cream, dressed with sprinkles and a homemade donut was just what I needed for hot midday pick-me-up.

Everything I witnessed sailing through that window was a work of art. I simply can not wait to get back over there to chew through their entire menu. View their full menu here.


Glazed & Infused

“Glazed & Infused presents a flavorful re-invention of the iconic American doughnut − handcrafted and uniquely imagined for your enjoyment.” quoted from the incredible shop itself, Glazed & Infused does just that. With 5 different locations, you are sure to be a quick hop away from this glorious shop.


I visited the shop on the corner of East Hubbard and North State Street and was presented with the most adorable atmosphere.

With the most unique spread of goodies I have ever seen, I had to go for something outrageous. The Pilsen was the doughnut of choice. A warm flaky doughnut with mango pineapple icing topped with chili powder and lime zest… so strange, but SO DELICIOUS.


Another awesome option this shop offers is delivery. Yes, they will deliver their doughnuts straight to your door. The doughnut shop game has changed.

To view their menu and/or order online, visit their website here.

Stan’s Donuts

On the Corner of North Clark and West Diversey sits Stan’s Donuts. Known around Chicago for its infamous pink box and out of this world donuts, I have to say, it is one of my absolute favorite places to indulge.


The Old Fashioned Blueberry Donut and Iced Chai Latte are my go-to’s as I sit next to the colorful wall of mixers.


The interior design of this shop makes me feel as if I stepped into a cafe of the past. I wish I could sit in this cafe all day and eat my way through their entire donut case. Check out their full menu here and be prepared for some serious drooling as you read through it.



Are you a doughnut fanatic like me? Have you ever tried any of these shops? What are some other shops and cafes you would recommend?  I’d love to hear from you!



*DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own. All photos are my own unless stated otherwise (credit given beneath photo). This post is NOT sponsored. I do not receive compensation for any links followed and/or products purchased from links attached*

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