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Rachael Trichell
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Rachael trichell

Hi I'm Rachael, I'm 25, married to the most wonderful man, a proud fur-baby mom & currently taking up residence in Chicago where i feel incredibly out of place. WOO.

I am originally from Massachusetts, moved to Louisiana for College where i met Cody (the hubs) then, following the pursuit of Cody's dreams, we landed in the Windy City. I have a passion for traveling and trying new things, I am an avid knitter and love to read. Our cats are pretty much our entire lives, Harry and Caray are their names, can you tell who named them? I'll give you a hint, it was a certain someone who happens to be the Chicago Cubs #1 fan (Cody).

My goal here is to share our worldly adventures and experiences and hopefully inspire others to get out and explore more. Enjoy!