Europe Travel Bucketlist

Bucket list number two, here she is! Europe is one of the most intriguing continents to us and we can not wait to explore! This fall (fall 2017) we will be traveling to France, the UK, and Ireland for two weeks and we are beside ourselves with excitement. Stay tuned for updates on our travels!… Continue reading Europe Travel Bucketlist


North America Travel Bucket list

Cody and I have had a running travel bucket list on some scratch paper for a long time now and we though it would be a good idea to keep a hard copy. Instead of keeping it all to ourselves though, we are sharing it with you! We love to share our experiences and love… Continue reading North America Travel Bucket list


Fall 2017 Reading Bucket List

Reading is one of my most favorite things to do. There's just something about sitting down and escaping into someone else's world, for a small time, that I crave. This fall, I'm hoping to get through all these books. Some informative, some purely for entertainment, and some for self- improvement. As I have a pretty… Continue reading Fall 2017 Reading Bucket List


Chunky Cable Knit Blanket

As fall has finally arrived, chunky, cozy knits have become top priority on my to do lists. One thing I have always wanted is a giant, warm and squishy cable knit blanket, so I decided to begin this knit season with just that. I used "The Wool" in the color Natural and size 15mm needles… Continue reading Chunky Cable Knit Blanket

USA Travel

5 Must Try Doughnut Shops in Chicago, IL

Chicago is filled with amazing cafes, small shops and restaurants, but sometimes all you really need is something to satisfy a sweet tooth. With flavors ranging from "normal" to "wait, WHAT is on that doughnut?", you will not be disappointed by any of these shops. Firecake's Donuts I'm not sure that I've ever run into… Continue reading 5 Must Try Doughnut Shops in Chicago, IL

USA Travel

Chicago in One Day

Chicago is a big city, but it is absolutely possible to see all of the touristy sights in one day. I recommend starting reasonably early in the morning, 9:00 or 10:00, if you plan to spend a good bit of time in each location or if you are a “sight seeing walker”. If you are… Continue reading Chicago in One Day


The Bombo Bar Chicago, IL

It's summertime at the moment and if you're anything like me, you're craving smoothies, ice cream and pretty much anything icy cold and sugary. The Bombo Bar is widely known for their incredibly appealing shakes, delicious doughnuts and fabulous gelato. Sitting next to Bar Siena, on the corner of W. Randolph and N. Green Street… Continue reading The Bombo Bar Chicago, IL


Chicago’s Most Thrilling Paddle Board Experience

Standing up, paddle boarding and yoga, three things I love, but never thought I would combine. With the help of Chicago Paddle Company, it was made not only a reality, but an incredible experience. With a variety of classes ranging from introduction to paddle, to SUP core fitness, Chicago Paddle Company and their awesome team members… Continue reading Chicago’s Most Thrilling Paddle Board Experience


Firecakes Donuts Chicago, IL

I'm not sure that I've ever run into a more accurately named restaurant. Firecakes donuts is just that, little cakes that are FIRE A.K.A AMAZING. A unique, little donut shop on E. Hubbard Street in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, Firecakes is a shop you do not want to pass up. With an enormous selection… Continue reading Firecakes Donuts Chicago, IL


The Doughnut Vault Chicago, IL

Where in Chicago, IL can you be blown away by incredible doughnuts and an adorable atmosphere? The Doughnut Vault on the corner of N. Franklin and Kinzie Street, that's where. On this quaint side street in Chicago's River North neighborhood, the Doughnut Vault is easily spotted. Not only does it stand out because of their gorgeous blue… Continue reading The Doughnut Vault Chicago, IL