Current Reads

The Vagina Monologues I have been neglecting my poor bookshelves lately and haven’t made any time to sit down with the many books I want to read. This past weekend I was so greatly torn between knitting, reading, cleaning, and snuggling with my kittens that I couldn’t choose just one or two things to do … Continue reading Current Reads


  On The Needles (AN ORIGINAL HAT PATTERN) This week, I decided to start taking my knitting to another level by creating and, eventually, publishing original patterns. I have had a bunch of patterns and inspirational designs drawn out in my “idea notebook” for a few months now and I am so excited to finally … Continue reading Knitting

TV & Movies

  Fall, in my opinion, has the best shows. I like to think it’s because the weather is getting colder and TV companies see mother natures gift as a great marketing tool. “Stay inside when it’s cold, we’ll put awesome things on TV so you never have to leave your warm cozy couch!” Well they … Continue reading TV & Movies